A progressive metal band hailing from Denton, TX, I am Man, I am Monster released their first self-titled album in August of 2013. I am man, I am monster are not new to the struggles of being a modern performing musician, and stand ready to make their mark on an evolving and changing scene and industry. With a unique sound and lively performance, I am man, I am monster, or IAMIAM for short has set the bar high for contemporary acts of today. Focusing on driving rhythms, progressive and catchy yet complex leads and melodies, delicate and guttural vocals while still being their own entity in the whole scheme of things; you will have a hard time defining them to one single genre.

With a great member line-up consisting of guitarists Reilly "Leggz" Hoff and Rusty "FunSize" Jordan, lead vocals Travis Barton, bass and backing vocals Megan Lackey and the newest member of the family Al Bagley on drums, IAMIAM is a solid team who intend to bring the best heavy performance of the new millennium. Each member brings their own different taste and style, which contributes to strong, vibrant and unique songwriting. "We have found that if [while writing] we laugh at a section or riff then we are on the right path", the band explains. IAMIAM love goofing off and having a good time, yet maintain a driven state of mind when it comes to their act as a business.

we are all humans, but we all have a monster inside somewhere".


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